Democrats are in serious decline and the media doesn’t help matters.

The Democrat Party is in bad shape. There couldn’t be a darker period in its history with massive loss of power in local and national offices. What can make the problem worse is they may not realize it. Certainly they see the numbers but not the how or why. Could the party’s troubles get worse to a point of being a marginal party? What doesn’t help matters is a compliant media that protects the party but only to the its detriment.

The turning point can be traced to Obamacare. Whatever the merits of the law, it was not met with public approval. This was the start of the electoral bloodshed and it hasn’t subsided.

Obama’s near trillion dollar economic stimulus didn’t pan out as advertised either. The excuse here is the unfalsifiable argument that if it weren’t enacted things would have been worse. That doesn’t resonate with families struggling to get by. The stimulus resulted in an economy that grew at 2% or less every year of the Obama presidency making him the lowest growth president in recent history.

In Connecticut Democratic Governor Danel Malloy never passed a budget without a tax increase or held spending which is the custom for Democrats. After two tax increases Connecticut is still in the red and can’t pass a budget because Democrats are demanding another round of tax increases and the legislature, now with more Republicans, won’t allow it. In economics Malloy used a tired gimmick of tax credits rewarding companies that hire workers. How was any of this supposed to work and are people buying into any excuse as to why none of it did? Currently is there a good reason for young voters in Connecticut to register Democrat? What is it?

It may be that there are serious thinkers who are debating the direction of the Democratic Party but they are currently not the vanguard. Instead the face of the party are wearing black masks in a pretend self-righteous Antifa movement that sees itself as morally obligated to use violence and damage property. Another face of the party are rich football players refusing to stand for the national anthem-that should help, no? None of this is officially endorsed by the party but Democrats cannot think the average voter doesn’t see all this as an attribute of the party’s philosophy. These demonstrations do come from the left and the left resides in the party. This isn’t lost on anyone.

The media, ever the good foot shoulder, are underplaying the party’s electability problems. Perhaps they don’t think there is one in the first place. If this is the party’s mindset as a whole then we shouldn’t expect anything to change. They should stop to consider why they are being rejected and not just rejected for “Republicans” but by voters who turned to Trump. If Trump is so awful, how did he win? What does that say about Democrats? Hillary was defeated not because of reason-of-the-week reasons she cites it may not be because of her campaigning either. Her loss could be attributed to one word: Democrat.

The media does not do Democrats any favors by providing cover for its worst members. Regardless of what you may think of the many Hillary Clinton scandals if she were a Republican she would have been finished a long time ago. Since her troubles are underplayed she gets to stay in the game at the expense of a better candidate. Republicans are compelled to shed bad apples while Democrats won’t. The media damages the party in the same way in respect to policy. If the troubles of Obamacare, with its grossly high premiums and its unpopularity were an urgent problem, if that was an ongoing news story, then maybe it could have been fixed during Obama. In place of fixing the law Democrats relied on public relations in the form of anti-Republican rhetoric. If the media were their guide, they would conclude that there is nothing seriously wrong with the law and that they are winning the argument.

It would be highly advisable if Democrats would stop listening to their own press. Also they may consider getting rid of basing all policy through moral justification. If Democrats don’t get their way in the Connecticut budget battles then “children and schools” will be hurt. Or if Obamacare were repealed people will die. But above all this is the now fashionable anti “white people” rhetoric and launching “white supremacy” ad hominins to anyone who doesn’t see their special way at looking at race.

Republicans are no prize and Trump may fall, certainly, but any gains Democrats could yield from that, if they do, will only postpone the work they need to do to revamp perception of what they are all about because nothing is working for them and the current rhetoric is a disaster.