I get it about the gun and thanks for sharing.
Eddie Abdul

If you are under the impression that somebody is going to shoot you with a gun you shoot to kill. You don’t use a taser or pepper spray. You don’t give a warning. You have a few seconds to shoot to kill or you will likely be under an American flag with your wife and children in tears.

It sucks that this kid lost his life because his parents were irresponsible and he was young and ignorant. But the tragedy was not caused by the officer. I am sure he doesn’t like to live with this on his conscience. I was a half ounce trigger pull away from laying down a kid with an AK before my interpreter stopped me to let me know that Iraq had just won the Asia Cup and he was celebrating.

I empathize with this officer. He did his job and now a bunch of anti-white cop bigots are faulting him for making a just decision.

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