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9 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

Video is a necessity for businesses because it delivers information in a much more interactive, visual, and entertaining way. Also, video is a natural storytelling medium, making it an effective method of persuasion and makes advertising more compelling.

According to a Hubspot study, 96% of consumers between the ages of 18–34 watch videos several times throughout the week, and 75% of millennials watch at least one daily video.

Also, Hubspot Study reveals that videos help with brand engagement and sales and that they are influencing consumer buying decisions. 64% of consumers claim that marketing videos have had an impact on their purchasing decision.

Some interesting facts about video marketing.

8 billion videos are viewed a day on Facebook.

Video ads on Instagram Stories can increase the impact of the ads, purchase intent, message association, and CTR.

Sponsored Instagram videos generate 3 times more comments than sponsored photos.

Video Marketing Trends for 2020 You Need to Know.

  1. Live Streaming

Live videos make users feel like they are being spoken to directly. This feeling of intimacy encourages engagement since they know that their questions or comments can be answered in real-time.

Today, companies can use live videos to promote…

New products
Make announcements
Demonstrate their products in action
Host question and answer sessions

The best part about live videos is that they are simple and free! No editing, special studios, or postproduction work required.

More and more social platforms are promoting live video-oriented functionality, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and most recently, LinkedIn.

2. Video eLearning

Tutorials and explanatory videos are very effective and useful content, which can position your brand as an expert while giving value to your users.

They can take several forms, from user-generated content posted to Youtube, or professional eLearning videos posted by your company to sites like Skillshare or Udemy.

3. Video Vlogging

Vlogging is a popular video trend we see today, especially on YouTube. Companies can use vlogging to bring viewers closer to their brand and show their company in a more human way that viewers can connect with.

Vlogging is the best way to humanize your brand because you’re letting the user take a behind the scenes look at your team, routines, and values. You can show them a new product launch, how you prepare for an event, or even what a typical day in the office looks like.

4. IGTV and Vertical Videos

People spend a lot of time-consuming content on their phones, more than their computers or tablets. This is why it is now important to produce videos in a vertical format.

This trend is in thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, with their Stories formats, and Instagram’s new IGTV (Instagram Television), a tool that allows you to upload vertical videos of with lengths anywhere between 15 seconds to 60 minutes.

IGTV videos open up the possibility for companies to branch out and begin uploading these same vertical videos to their YouTube channels. IGTV is an especially great tool for influencers.

5. Shoppable Videos

Consumers will start using videos as a direct way to make purchases and be redirected to product pages. On shoppable videos, users will be able to click on a hyperlink and go directly to the online shopping process.

6. 360 Degree Videos

360-degree videos are videos like no other. They let users consume content in an immersive, interactive, and real way. It is increasingly being used in innovative video marketing strategies and it will only continue to grow.

These types of videos are especially interesting for travel and event brands.

7. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been around for a few years now, making it more accessible for marketers to use in their social media video campaigns. Campaigns using augmented reality are immersive and interactive, leading to improved user experience.

Also, augmented reality videos can be very useful for companies in the retail space because customers can use this format to virtually try your products.

8. Video Ads

Video ads are a win-win, since not only are they cheap to make but they also generate more engagement than photos. This means we can expect to see more companies incorporate video ads into their marketing plans.

9. User-Generated Content

Users tend to trust other users or friends more than the brands themselves. So many companies will begin to encourage their fans and social media followers to produce content and generate engagement that they then can share and capitalize on.

This is great for brands because it involves very little investment, and yet they receive free content.

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