So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

I respectfully must ask who exactly did you run your marketing through to come to the conclusion that using the name “Bodega” was a good idea? Perhaps you need to get your money back based on the reactions alone. Speaking as a Puerto Rican, born in the land of Bodega’s via the South Bronx, I implore you to at least change the name because the product is actually a good idea and would hate to see it affected because of this. To you, “Bodega” may mean nothing more than a new word acquired when moving into the city, a cool and trendy thing to say and profit off when wanting to impress friends and investors. However, too many of us and as many have mentioned already, its culture. The Bodega is where you got the news of the day. It’s where you got the hookup for a new job or apartment. The Bodega is where if you were short, the owner would let you slide because they knew you and the family from back in the day. A good Bodega is half Botánica, half cultural-center, and after-hour spot. The Bodega is where you found your father playing dominoes in front of the store. The Bodega connected you back to the birthplace of your parents. The Bodega is probably where Abuela and Abuelo first met when they first came to America ending up in “El Barrio.” La Bodega is intimately tied to our identity and our make-up. For what it’s worth, please reconsider and name your product another name that doesn’t risk being offensive. Please don’t add this to the long list of cultural appropriation that we’ve seen lately. While I understand the importance of the naming of a product, please don’t do it while taking away something that means so much to a group of people. Please rename your product and don’t us the name “Bodega!”

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