This is like getting socks for Christmas as a kid, you’ll be thankful later.

As a kid, getting socks for Christmas was the end of the world. At 23, give me a pair of socks and you’re my best friend. Current President of Mississippi State, Dr. Mark E. Keenum just gave everyone socks and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Weeks ago, Mississippi State released a statement about the state flag on behalf of Dr. Keenum. To sum it up he basically expressed his opposition of the state flag which one side held as a symbol of their heritage, whereas the other side held it as a symbol of their oppression. This article probably won’t be the place for you to pick sides.

Moments after the statement was released responses ranged from relief to disappointment and everything in between. Luckily it lasted for a mere two weeks. Two weeks longer than it should’ve. Following stride several other institution in the state followed suit. One in particular shall not be named… Ole Miss.

If you watch the news no more than 5 seconds every two months you’d still somehow find out about the riots, and grandstanding bigotry that took place on the campus of Ole Miss. Honestly if I was a student their I probably would still be horrified. But luckily I chose to attend the greatest institution to ever be founded.

But why though? All because two opposing sides found no compromise in what seems to be an unending battle. Days ago, Dr. Keenum came back, strategically after the fire had died down to a few embers of course, to proclaim that the flag wouldn’t be taken down.

Now if you haven’t been reading my article with your undivided attention, this is where you should. (This also explains the socks)

There’s a minority (figuratively and literally) that think we lost. The goodness in this situation is that is that we didn’t lose. We didn’t lose because the flag isn’t being removed. We won because at the end of the day that’s all it is. We don’t have to endure the KKK riots, the mass exodus of media attention to our campus, the annoying and pointless arguments of people who are as stubborn as 50 year old maple tree. Looking back at what took place on the campus of Ole Miss, I think Dr. Keenum did us all a favor. Our sacred drill field will continue to be the highlight of campus; minus the bible throwing preachers that one week every semester. But no one has to walk across campus afraid of being bombard by people who mean you no good. For now we can all enjoy our beautiful campus; politics aside.

So at the end of the day when Dr. Keenum gives you socks you may hate it now, but you’ll thank him later.