Who Are Your Agents of Change❓

Live Life With Your Eyes Open

Your middle school coach. Your barber💈. The person you sit across from on the train🚊 to work. Your next door 🏘 neighbor…

That individual whom you may never suspect could very well be the agent of change in your life, the person whose wisdom, encouragement or perspective would help you to identify, unlock, and maximize your gifts in ways you never thought possible, the person who would help you both dream and accomplish something very special.

Unfortunately, it’s a proven fact that we often overlook him 👳🏿‍♀️, her 👩🏼 or them because of our own unconscious biases against people, information and actions. It has never been more evident.

How many of us are drawn to the individuals with the most followers, the biggest shoe deal, or simply the most hype? Because of our fascination with fame and notoriety, we all too often become blind to many of the people we come in contact with everyday.

Imagine if you’d spent a few more minutes talking to the man you just met at Starbucks, or if you hadn’t stopped listening to your 4th grade music 🎻 teacher. What if you’d responded honestly when your accountant asked you if you really wanted to be an entrepreneur?

During this great adventure called life, people will cross your path who can change the course of your life in ways that at that moment you were completely oblivious to. What’s that? Life is not an adventure. If that’s the way you currently feel, you likely haven’t discovered your personal agents of change, perhaps because they weren’t famous or you weren’t ready to listen with your eyes 👀 and ears 👂🏽 .

My agents of change weren’t former soccer superstars or billionaires or those playing the lead roles in reality TV series. Mine were right there, right before my eyes. They were people like Nita Mace, who was one of the unexpected catalysts of my passion. I will talk more about this fiery mother of 6 in my next blog and the trait she possessed that made her an agent of change.

Fortunately, my eyes were open just wide enough for me to let her and others into my world. The Innovation Blind Spot captures my thoughts below in one brief sentence.

“It’s not who you know, it’s who you get know.” — Ross Baird

Better still, it’s who you allow yourself to get to know.

My eyes weren’t always open. Age and success have a sneaky way of developing more biases and thus blinding you to those who really matter.

Many of your gifts are likely still locked within you. Moreover, I can say with confidence that those who could change your life are already in your midst. She👩‍🎤 may not look like you. He might be older 👴🏾, or richer, or poorer, but one thing is certain: You’ll be a much richer person once you’ve unlocked your inner genius with their help.

Without agents of change in my life, my goals and dreams would’ve only been words on paper.

Go ahead. Live life with your eyes 👀 open… and maybe even with your smartphone turned off on occasion. You and your soon-to-be agent of change will both be better for it.

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ABOUT ME John Wilson is a speaker 🗣, CLEMSON 🐅 ALUM, and an advocate for the importance of fun, play, and passion in work and life. @wanhoj