Thinking about Mirah

Whenever there’s activity on the Mirah Google Group, it gets me thinking about Mirah. Back in October, Nick Howard was visiting San Francisco to give a presentation, Sprinkle Mirah into Your Java, at JavaOne. We thought it would be appropriate to take a selfie in front of Scala’s Bistro.

Back in 2014, Nick Howard, Ryan Brown and I synced up at Twitter to talk about Mirah. The last time I was doing production work in Mirah was back in 2010, so it was important for me to figure out where things were at, and talk about some low hanging fruit.

Mirah the language is alive, but may appear to be in a coma. I’d like to find time to remedy this situation before the end of the year. We need to have a concise story about the the history, purpose and current state of Mirah. We need to generate some documentation about setting up the development environment, and provide a few sample applications that illustrate the value proposition of Mirah. Finally, I’d like to put some effort into rebranding the online presence.

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