CS3216: Week 8 — Concerning “occupational” burnout

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pGaz_qN0cw — Concerning hobbits / burnouts

Yes, I kid — I really mean concerning burnouts and not concerning “hobbits”.

Ok, so “occupational” because we’re still students. Burnouts are characterised by exhaustion, lack of motivation or enthusiasm and feeling “drained”.

Madrid on fire by Montecruz Foto

So, why did I get a burnout?

I’m not 100% sure but I’d attribute it mostly to doing too much work unsustainably (spending too much time on them and also doing more than I should actually be doing) and not having allocated time for myself.

People around the world have different ideas on what constitutes “sustainable working hours” — some countries or communities says 30 hours or less and some think it’s ok to work for more than 40 hours. But my take on it is that as long as you’re not totally burning out it’s good — but when you actually burnout that’s really really unsustainable and well… bad!

Efforts to douse the blaze by Omar Chatriwala

Ok so I’ve never googled on how to deal with a burnout before but a quick google search list out the following possibilities:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
  2. Take a walk
  3. Treat yourself
  4. Take some time to yourself
  5. Get support

Stress head by Ian Boyd

So… I didn’t actually research about how to deal with burnouts before this blog post — I mean… how am I supposed to be researching on how to deal with burnouts during my burnout period when I all wanted to do was eat and do whatever I want — play games, sleep and watching videos.

I basically disappeared for a few days entirely and did not respond to any group chats or do any work at all for 3–4 days. The sad thing is that I had this bad short-term burnout right before one of my exams. I watched Arrow and the Flash pilot. I ate a lot too! I think I gained about 1 kg during this ordeal ☹

I also spent time with my girlfriend and I think that helped a lot — especially when it comes to advise and hearing things that I should hear but people who aren’t close enough won’t say.

That’s not too bad, I think I hit 3 out of the 5 of it by eating (treating myself), spending time with my girlfriend (getting support) and also took some time off (take some time to myself). I guess the strategies of dealing with burnout is quite natural then!

Sunshine Falls by Dawn Ellner

Ok, so I think the most important thing is to make sure this doesn’t happen again — kind of impossible but I think it’s at least possible to reduce the number of time this is going to happen. Especially not during important periods such as exams, family matters or event just when deadlines for things are approaching.

I mean… people all do burnout from time to time right? but I guess mine was just because of the whole series of unfortunate events such as taking exams with fever, injuring my hand by falling down and just having done too much — at least more than I think I should be doing or can handle.

I’m glad I’ve mostly recovered for now so it’s ok, no worries! I’m lucky it’s not a long term burnout that will affect me for months — it was cleared in just a few days of dousing the flames. Ok actually not just lucky for me but also for the people who are doing projects with me — especially CS3216 right? If someone “dies”, the rest of the team “dies” along with him / her.

Make sure you guys don’t burnout too ok — Su Xuan, Sean, Her Lung.

Ok that’s it for this blog post, I’m just really glad that the short-term burnout is over — it’s time to get back to work, there’s a ton waiting for me and it’s good to feel motivated to be doing work again☺

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