I Side With Paul Ryan

Does That Make Me a Globalist?

“A memo to the anti-Trump, pro-globalization wing of the GOP: if you succeed in helping Democrats elect Hillary Clinton, you — not he — will be held responsible for losing the Supreme Court and busting up the Republican Party.”

This was the opening statement of Laura Ingraham’s column in Lifezette Monday morning, titled “Ryan Runs Against Trump.” As I read it, I thought about all the perfectly respectable, intelligent, and patriotic conservative people I know who reject Trumpism, and I bristled. I wanted to ask Laura, “what in the hell are you talking about?”

This kind of talk is truly wretched. It vilifies every republican who has decided they cannot support Trump — a brand of republican that is very much present throughout America and not endemic to DC, contrary to what talkers like Ingraham have been telling their audiences all along. For a year and a half I have been appropriately critical of Donald Trump. Like the majority of republicans, I gave him the benefit of every doubt, that I may ultimately justify voting for him if necessary. And his multitudinous lapses in character eventually proved too much for me and a sizeable portion of the base to support him. But in spite of my singularly negative opinion of Trump, I have never spoken with disdain about his fervent supporters, nor have I attempted to sequester them all underneath an umbrella of shared adjectives.

Why then is it acceptable for the angry voices in the Trump camp to insult the conscience-driven faction of the Republican party? They claim it is fair retaliation against an elite ruling class that has spurned their collective voice for the last thirty years. But that same class has been remarkably patient (too much so) in awaiting their insurgent nominee’s adoption of basic and clearly defined conservative standards. It just turns out my outlook is far more in line with those of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain than that of someone who is still in his conservative infancy. And guess what? I’m actually not an establishment, country club, career politician who lobbies for tax breaks by day and plots in a smoke filled room toward the New World Order by night. I’m a Christian, an Eagle Scout, a business owner, a degree-less 20-something guy from a lightly trodden corner of the country whose conservative background informs his judgment that Donald Trump must not be our president.