Political Correctness Kills Like Guns Do

Or to put it another way, political correctness damages culture in the same way guns injure people. Which is to say it is not the culprit, merely the tool of choice. Who has chosen it? Many left-leaning politicians and media personalities. It’s the tactic they use to befriend every “victim” group under the sun while aggravating the more pragmatic half of society. Yes, it is obnoxious. But “anti-political correctness” or “political incorrectness” is a meaningless and illegitimate platform on which to promote candidates and ideas. And banning the use of political correctness will no more cure liberal ignorance than will a ban on firearms cure violence.

Some definitions, according to John Bartlett:

Political Correctness: using euphemism to avoid controversy.

Political Incorrectness: using stereotype to initiate controversy.

Democrats don’t talk about being politically correct; they just are. The Republican party must learn from this example and stop talking about how politically incorrect it is. If it doesn’t, it forces the public to choose between the two options defined above — and it is doomed. But there is another obvious path that has traditionally gone hand in hand with the Republican party: conservatism, which I would define as using the naked truth to address controversy.