Shut Up About the “Establishment” Already

Calling Out a Bologna Charge

Too blasted many conservatives have apathetically consigned to this belief: that like the average liberal’s idea of big business compared with small, the difference between “establishment” and “anti-establishment” politicians is that one is inflated and evil, the other honest and downtrodden. Without exception. But as it is in terms of business, they’re more or less the same — except one of them has perhaps been around longer and done a better job doing what it set out to do. After all, what is a big business but a small business that excelled?

I know it’s not all a myth. Elites exist today, as they always have. But I thought political elites are generally those who have attained a level of comfort and tenure in their position such that they no longer feel any obligation to the voters? Why then has the “establishment” bar been lowered and lowered by so many conservative/Tea Party voices to a point where it now includes anyone who is on speaking terms with such politicians? Why can’t we recognize the recent influx of new, “anti-establishment” talent into both houses of Congress since 2010? Are we really so spoiled to think that a field of presidential hopefuls, the winning platform of which has been to challenge the status quo of Washington, is not “right” enough for us? Are we just too blind to see that the Tea Party was successful, and every midterm election since Barack Obama took office has been met with a resounding “No” to his policies and methods? Or have we just grown so bitter that we long for a Congress where every republican folds his arms and refuses to make eye contact with the democrats?

Half of conservatism is politics. The other half is being an adult; that means shrugging off your anger and owning both your failures and your triumphs. Today grassroots are poised to profit enormously from their recent triumphs. But only if they can judge the choices before them fairly and resist the urge to deal unearned labels and blame. A great place to start is to give this obnoxious “establishment” stuff a rest. Not every R in government stands for RINO.