We Abstain, Courteously

Don’t Give a Second Thought to Not Voting

In the great Broadway musical 1776, the plot is repeatedly held in suspense over critical tied votes in the chamber of the 2nd Continental Congress. Though there are 13 delegations in attendance, a majority is scarcely reached because each time New York is polled, Lewis Morris would rise, quivering beneath his powdered wig, to inform President Hancock that “New York abstains, courteously!”

I’m a conservative who yearns to see the Republican Party succeed in many ways. That’s why I will courteously abstain from voting for our nominee this November. To exchange what little confidence the public still has in the GOP for the fleeting thrill of electing Donald Trump is not a trade any intelligent person would make. He has done nothing to suggest that he is committed to conservative change for the country, or frankly that he is any less misguided in his methods than Hillary Clinton. Nor will I assist in giving her any sort of victory, be it in the form of the presidency itself or allowing someone to dismantle the meaning of Republicanism.

Trump people will say I am on her side, that I am helping her. They will warn of the country’s impending demise resulting from Democratic rule, and the corruption of the Supreme Court for generations to come. But I don’t care, and neither should you. Because this is not a life and death situation for the country. Our most weak, hapless, ignorant, incompetent, and corrupt presidents are dead and gone, proving that no one person has the power to critically injure the U.S. — yet two candidates need us to believe otherwise in order to win. And for that alone, I reject them both.

I would urge those who hate their choices as I do to remember one simple fact — it’s a private ballot. So vote your conscience and have a little faith. Everyone who’s committed one way or the other, well, don’t count on us to break any ties this November. Remember, we abstain. Courteously.