Maybe Donald Trump Isn’t So Bad. Maybe.

Don’t get me wrong. Donald Trump is a horrible racist, misogynist, anti-semite that wants to grab all women by their hoo-hoos.

I’m with you. I hate people like that. It’s important that people on social media know that about me. I hate Donald Trump. Hate him. Hate, hate, hate him.

I’m an open-minded, global kind of guy. It’s also very important that you know that about me while I’m standing on this soapbox. I love all people equally. All people, but particularly minorities, because it’s only me and people like me that can help minorities.

I may even cry while I write these words —because I care so much.

Sure I sometimes feel like saying “the only minorities in the United States are the bigoted ignorant members of the population”.

But that’s wrong.

Only enlightened, computer-savvy people like me can help the poor, oppressed people in the US. It’s only us and our clever social media posts.

We are our only hope.

There’s just no point saying that all Americans are governed by laws, not men.

There’s no point saying that all Americans have certain inalienable rights guaranteed by law.

There’s no point in saying that instead of wearing a safety pin, we should remind all people that the laws of the land promise safety to all people regardless of race, religion, or creed. That if they do not experience that safety, the law is there to defend them when their own family, community, friends, or fellow Americans fail them.

There’s no point saying that every person in the US has power. And to state again for emphasis, that Americans are governed by laws, not men.

There’s just no point in saying that the majority of Americans are open-minded, decent people. No point.


Thankfully I catch myself before I say naive, optimistic stuff like that online. I could lose a lot of important internet points if I started posting stuff like that.

These are dark days, we must remember that.

I mean if there’s a post on social media with carefully edited, sad music and an easy to understand message, I like it right away. I’m with you on that. It’s important that people know I’m a decent person that is different from those other bad people that exist out there, somewhere. I mean if I didn’t ‘like’ a carefully edited message on social media, how could people assume I’m a decent human being? It’s troubling.

Yet I’m starting to see some liberal friends giving up the very important resistance against the lawfully elected president-elect, Donald Trump. Some have stopped making hourly posts criticizing every single move the president-elect has made.

Some are starting to question the very people that declared with confidence that Hillary would win the election and 24 hrs later declared that markets would crash once it was announced Trump had won.

That makes me sad. We shouldn’t question things. We must resist.

I mean sure Donald Trump was RNC-endorsed by Lynne Patton, Sheriff David Clarke, Peter Thiel, & Omarosa Manigault among other so-called marginalized groups now joining his cabinet.

Sure his daughter is Jewish.

Sure he would prefer Mexican cartels like the Los Zetas not rape and dismember people with impunity along our southern border (warning: extreme gore, violence, and nudity).

Sure he has the first successful female presidential campaign manager ever on his team.

Sure of the “nearly 700 counties that twice sent Obama to the White House, a stunning one-third flipped to support Trump”.

But it’s all a ruse. A carefully planned ruse by a successful, white, businessman from New York City — where everyone is kind, warm hearted and nice to one another. Like we are on social media.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we must remember that Donald Trump is a horrible racist, misogynist, anti-semite that wants to grab all women by their hoo-hoos.

If we lose sight of that, we all lose.