The United States of Hypocrisy
Drew Jones

Student journalist focused on the topics of politics, race, culture, and their intersections.

Sometimes race, culture, and politics do intersect in unusual ways. Take Ryan Lochte for example. His mother is cuban. That makes Ryan Lochte’s race latino.

Brazil is a Latin American country with a different culture.

But thanks to politics in the U.S. right now and the need to be non-confrontational in this happy online utopia, social media and other platforms are inundated with biased, unfounded attacks against Ryan Lochte as being the beneficiary of “white privilege” — much of it going unchallenged.

It’s absurd. As a student journalist that should be the story to cover. The hard stuff, not another virtue-signaling, go-with-the-flow, crowd-pleasing essay that people will agree with before they get past the headline because doing so makes them look good.

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