I’m not saying I like it.
Marin Heiskell

I’m not saying I like it.

The people who apply “white privilege” to a Cuban American in a Latin American nation are wrong. Flatly wrong. Defending those writers with some “race” vs “ethnicity” language is not helpful.

But what you have written in other locations is just as divisive. You apparently feel it’s ok to suggest that anyone that supports Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” believes it to be (in your words)…

code language for “remember when white people had a lock on everything?”

So Donald Trump’s slogan is not just a copy of Ronald Reagan’s similarly worded campaign slogan from the 80s? It’s actually a clarion call for white people to gather round and support a candidate that you know to be “blatantly racist”?

Almost half the nation is supporting a candidate for president whose behavior is “blatantly racist”? That makes sense to you? There’s no people of color supporting Trump?

I did not insult you.

I just called into question your ability to know exactly what is in the hearts and minds of other people.

Whether it’s a handful of Americans and Brazilians in a Rio gas station or roughly 50% of the American population, applying divisive labels to those people based on a editorialized news story is wrong.