Why Some Independents are Leaning Right

For every condemnation that people make about Trump and what might happen with Donald Trump as president, there is something that Hillary Clinton has already done that is equally concerning.

Trump won’t release his tax returns!
Hillary went over 250 days without a press conference, never released the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, and has been obfuscating health concerns while attacking those who question her.

Trump wants to build a Wall!
In 2006 Hillary voted for 700 miles of physical borders with Mexico.

Trump’s supporters are racist!
Many people feel Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 1994 crime bill aimed at “super predators” was racist.

A President Trump will potentially have a conflict of interest due to his business dealings!
Bill Clinton received huge speaking fees and the Clinton Foundation received massive donations from nations that needed help while Hillary Clinton remained in government office.

It’s not racism, islamophobia, transphobia, bigotry, or any of the other big scary monsters that is swelling the number of Trump supporters — it’s a biased news media that has abandoned difficult investigative journalism for the sugary sweet virtue signals of social media.