Detroit, the Comeback City, has a lot to offer in 2017

Detroit, Michigan, has launched a new travel guide for tourists looking to visit the USA’s Comeback City.

I spoke to Christopher Pokourski, manager, advertising at Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau at the recent London World Travel Market to find out why tourists from the UK should visit the city.

Chatting with Christopher Pokourski

Why is Detroit the Comeback City?

Detroit has to diversify after the auto trade hit hard times. Workers and residents have had to re-invent themselves. Industries such as medical research, battery technology and renewable energy started to grow in the city.

Pokourski said:

“We are seeing an influx of new millennials, getting us connected socially and with new technologies, so we really are a new city.”

New hotels

There has been over $11bn invested in the city. Unlike other US cities that tear down history and start a new, Detroit is re-purposing buildings. Some of which will become hotels.

Four new hotels will be opening in 2017. These are basically in the Downtown quarter of the city, within walking distance of the major attractions.

New sports centre

If you have limited time, what are must dos in the city?

The official website is the best place to find the latest information on visiting Detroit.

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