Data released at the end of last year showed that Google accounted for 40% of referral traffic for news publishers.

The data, published by, put Facebook at third with 26%.

Despite the high use of Google, Hyperlocals are making it harder for people to find them as they…

One of my methods of getting advertisers in-front of my readers is via email. Of course, to do this I have to encourage people to give me their email addresses.

It is often said by online marketing gurus that ‘the money is in the list’.

This implies that to make…

In an earlier post, I discussed why I was setting up a hyperlocal website. This post is my investigation of “Here and Now: UK hyperlocal media today” written by Damian Radcliffe (NESTA 29/3/2012) and how this might benefit my own website.

Radcliffe defined hyperlocal as:

“Online news or content services…

Google Adwords is often touted as a quick and easy way to get prospects to visit your website.

A post by Wordstream said:

“We believe that AdWords — Google’s enormously successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system — can work for almost any type of business. Using AdWords (or any PPC platform)…

This is a magazine from PC PRO. This blog is my attempt at working through the first few chapters.

Being lean

The author, Kevin Partner, talks about the importance of being lean at start-up. As I do not have any physical product to sell I have a head start in being lean…

After writing my earlier posts I thought that I had the basics of my hyperlocal set in stone.

The one constant of this module is that when I have finished researching a topic, more information materialises.

Village Media — Canada

I came across a post on Niemen Lab about a hyperlocal publisher in Canada…

I am looking at banner ads to generate an income for my hyperlocal. One way of finding companies that may be interested in paying for ad space would be buying a list of 1000 local businesses.

This list will probably contain many companies that would never consider advertising to readers…

When I started this series of blogs I asked the question — ‘Am I capable of running a money-making hyperlocal?’.

This question came up as I did have a business until a couple of years ago. It started in 2004 as a travel agency. …

How do I get the business started, especially when I have very limited cash available? There are various options to consider.

To be honest, I haven’t made the decision to whether funding is required or not. …

This exercise follows the advice given in a blog by Azar Chatur.

Facebook Audience Insights

Azur Chatur suggests that the most powerful market research tool on Facebook is Audience Insights.

Every Facebook business page comes with this feature. …

John Guinn

Part-time Masters Online Journalism student at Birmingham City University.

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