Living With Intention: Day 4

This is part of my 30 day challenge to de-zombify myself. If you want to know what that means, click this link.

Probably my most successful day so far! Life is good.

Also, I posted a new blog today about dealing with competiveness. If you don’t follow it regularly, you can visit the newest post here. This took longer than I expected: I spent a good afternoon on it, but I think it’s one of my stronger pieces, writing-wise. I’m crazy pleased.

Check out this email I got:

I was sent a link to your article about being last in doing what you love. This came at a pivotal point for me, I just worked my last day today as a painting teacher in order to pursue my career as a painter full time.
Additionally I would love to be able to share this article with my children as they go on in life and compete as athletes and scholars.
Thank you a hundred times over.

It’s tough to describe how heartwarming this stuff is.

Here was yesterday:

Before Noon:
Check this list! (Still didn’t do that yesterday.)
Bring my laptop to school!
Get to school on time (9 AM Work-Study shift!)
Get at least pretty close to finishing my blog
Class, 11–12:45
Noon — 4:00 PM
After class, lunch!
Meet with Sosland at 2 PM
Finish the blog!!
4:00–8:00 PM
Keep finishing blog and post that sucker.
Practice for an hour.
Plan my Morse lesson for Thursday!
8:00 PM — Bed
Hopefully be done with all of the above by 8:30 PM.
Read for 20 minutes before bed.
Stretch goal: 30 minutes of meditation!

I still have work to do with the last part of my day — definitely just finished my lesson plan for tomorrow, and it’s 12:10 AM. Whoops.

Improvement is in the works!

Before Noon:

  1. Teach from 9:20–11:00
  2. Check in for tomorrow’s flight!
  3. Go to Juilliard!

Noon — 4:00 PM

  1. Work-Study 12:00–2:00
  2. 2:30–4 Class!

4:00–8:00 PM

  1. Warm up for recording!
  2. 5–6 PM Knock that sucker out for the final Fischoff recording! Thank GAWD.
  3. 6–8 Potential dinner plans?

8:00 PM — Bed

  1. Pack for tomorrow’s trip to Houston!
  2. Set alarms! Set more alarms! (May or may not have missed flights before because of only setting two alarms)
  3. Read for 20 minutes before bed.
  4. Stretch goal: 30 minutes of meditation!
  5. Sleep.

Love you guys.

Would love you even MORE if you checked out my website.

See you tomorrow,


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