LOCICoin Token Pre-Sale Now Open to International Investors

I’m happy to announce that accredited investors outside of the U.S. can now participate in our token pre-sale going through Aug 31st. International investors are required to meet the standards of accredited U.S. investors and sign our SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) form to purchase tokens.

I’m excited about this announcement because this opens up the opportunity for investors outside of the U.S. to purchase utilitarian tokens (LOCICoins) to use InnVenn, a powerful platform for searching, discovering and licensing patents. The platform’s search and discover functions produce results for patents not just in the U.S., but those already existing anywhere in the world.

Pre-sale token purchasers will receive a 10% discount on the initial sale price. Individual tokens can be purchased for the equivalent of $2.25 USD in Bitcoin, Ether or any fiat currency through an accredited investor. Loci.io is selling a total of 5 million utilitarian tokens, or $11,250,000 USD, that can be used only to access the already viable product, InnVenn.

To learn more about the SEC’s position on the sale of virtual coins or tokens, read their recently release statement here. To learn more about token sales or ICOs, read the SEC’s Investor Bulletin on that topic.

To read more about the planned developments of the InnVenn platform, read Loci’s latest white paper. To stay updated, you can either join Loci’s Slack, or follow along on Twitter.

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