The Hardest Thing
Jordan Reid

Marital issues? Of course it’s scary. The US Census predicts that, of people who marry today, only 33% will ever see their 25th anniversary. But that does mean that the divorce rate has grown from 50%? No. But it might in the coming generation. More on that in a minute. In reality, that 50% number which is often quoted, is an aggregate of ALL marriages and may not apply to you.

Statistically, first marriages fail at a rate of about 32%, usually within the first 8 years. Not good, but far less than half! Second marriages don’t fare as well. With a 67% failure rate, it’s pretty clear most of us don’t learn from our mistakes. And beyond that? Third marriages and beyond fail at a rate of 72%. Meaning nearly 3 out 4 fail. Yipes!

So what’s driving all this divorce? Simple answer, divorce itself. It’s lost its stigma. It’s fairly easy to do without admitting fault. Everyone knows someone who got divorced and they weren’t excommunicated or exiled to some gulag. However, the statistics aren’t going to improve. Today we have the largest population of marital age adults that have come from broken homes (divorced parents and/or single parents) and study after study after study shows that THEY are 3 times more likely to divorce themselves, than people who reached adulthood in a successful, two-parent family.

Troubling? Definitely, but that’s not the half of it. An Ohio State study proved that, on average, people divorcing in the US lose 77% of their total net wealth as a result of divorce. Apparently, the old wisecrack about giving your spouse half is wishful thinking!

What’s even scarier is that another study showed that 44% of women who divorce in the US will go below the poverty line for some period of time.

In fact, divorce is now the number one contributor to bankruptcy and poverty among newly single women around the world. And think about that for a minute. If they’re custodial parents (which they usually are if there are kids involved) then that means their kids go into poverty too. Not good for anyone considering kids in poverty do worse in school, are far more likely to be involved in gangs and are more likely to be drug and alcohol abusers.

That’s just part of the reason why you and I, as taxpayers, are footing a bill of more than $112 BILLION dollars in Federal, State and local taxes annually to support fragmented families (according to a study done by the Institute for American Values, Center for Marriage and Families).

So yeah…find a way to work through your marital issues and you’ll be healthier AND wealthier as a result. We’ll all be better off.

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