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Seen, Read, and Heard 2018: The Prologue

An introduction to the one kind of daily journal I think I’ll actually be able to maintain.

I was so intrigued and moved to see that someone as public and simultaneously enigmatic as filmmaker Steven Soderbergh regularly keeping track of ALL the media he consumes throughout the year, and then posting it for anyone to see.

He hasn’t posted 2017 yet, but you can check out 2016’s “Seen, Read 2016” here. It’s an impressive record, and he records everything by type of media and the date he consumed it.

In 2018, I want to attempt something similar.

So, here’s how it’s going to go — Whenever I read a book, or a play, watch a movie, a TV show, or listen to music or a podcast, I’ll record it, each day.

In 2017, I kept a Movie Journal (read it HERE), where I recorded every movie I saw during 2017. This was inspired by the Doug Loves Movies podcast challenge — to watch 365 movies in a year. While I didn’t come anywhere close to 365 in 2017, I made it to exactly 200 movies. But in the age of streaming, bingeing, Spotify, etc., I consumed way more media than the Movie Journal accounted for.

For example, I re-watched the entirety of Frasier in 2017 over the course of 3 weeks. I watched all 4 1/2 season of The Goldbergs this month alone. I watched full seasons of ongoing TV shows, listened to entire catalogs of podcasts, and read about 30 books, plays, and screenplays in 2017.

A list of movies wasn’t enough for me. I want to look back at 2018 and read EXACTLY what I was doing, and re-enter that headspace. Because of how saturated media is in our time, our choices of which things to watch, listen to, and read are often reflective of our headspace

When I was going through and re-watching Frasier, it was a direct psychological response to a time of intense anxiety and major life changes. I went through the back catalog of episodes of the Scriptnotes podcast when I wrote a screenplay in the spring. I listened to the song “I’m The One” hundreds of times over the summer because it was the most fun thing to listen to while walking in Manhattan trying to avoid sweating on everyone else sweating on you.

Media has never been more important to humans than it is right now. Hell, media barely existed beyond an occasionally luxury before the Internet, cameras, and microphones. And now, as we grow, our media grows, and we grow in response to it and it grows in response to us. There are hundreds of TV shows and movies released every year, thousands of ongoing podcasts, millions of songs to be listened to.

We’ve never had more choices in how we spend our time than we do right now.

We’ve never had more control over the voices we allow into our private lives than we do in 2018.

What will I choose to read, see, and hear next year, and what do those choices say about me, and who I am in 2018?

We’ll see.