Overcoming Impediments

After joining CUNYCodes as a way to expand my experience and knowledge with programming, I was immediately faced with new challenges. Or as the orchestrator of the cohort like to say, impediments. I started with Java, I am comfortable with Java, and I am pretty decent, or so I like to think, with Java. So naturally I chose to work a project in React Native(RN). Wait, what?! Impediment number one. After a crash course I was able to make a few pages in RN and prop them up for viewing like a proud parent. Then I decided to delve a little deeper and actually generate some code that was worthy to the projects team. Impediment two. After so much research and reading, videos, and docs to learn as much and as fast as I could, I produced a chunky portion of the skeleton for our project. Then the collaboration really kicked off and after a few pull-requests my emulation of the project stopped working on my machine. Impediment three. As a programmer, naturally my first instinct is to run right over to stackoverflow. Link after link of similar problems and hack fixes did not absolve me of my own problem. This went on for hours, and then stretched into days. Team members gave local troubleshooting a shot to no avail. Mentors gave local troubleshooting a shot to no avail. I was beaten. The evil programming Chutlu had overcome my skills as a developer.

Then today, while attempting to look cool with a bunch of terminal windows open at my local hack-house (cough, Starbucks) I decided to give something a shot. I wiped the stored memory of the emulator and re-ran react-native start --reset-cache and then react-native run-android and to my amazement the project compiled to life before my eyes once again. The issue that alluded many a programmers was that there were multiple package id’s of the same id on my emulator and the packager didn’t know which one to compile. In the meantime my team had signed me off as a developer. Today I have overcome those impediments. Week 1 complete.

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