Life in Meso World

The world is not human-scale. Cause and effect spiral up and downwards without concern for our affairs. Genetics here, population movements there, the ‘meso’ world of our daily affairs is but one lens through which to consider things. The trouble is, we live there.

In meso world, we have conversations, telling stories about the past and future, and we act. We have thoughts, feelings. It feels so pressing, so immediate. But it’s not the full story.

Everything has been spiralling together like the top of a whirlpool, coming together to this moment, this now. From the macro world of the planets to the micro world of quanta and everything in between, the world fluxes its way.

We are not some privileged lever, the coincidental size of everything’s cause. We’re part of the whirlpool.

We come together, we fall apart. We are part of, and apart from, the flow. But we’re not just drifting through it. As the flow buffets us, we shape its shape. Then the flows spiral onwards and outwards far beyond our grasp.

Into the next now.

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