Why I’m Leaving the Thiel Fellowship
Cosmo Scharf

Congratulations on standing up for what you believe in. Even if I vehemently disagree with your opinion of President Elect Trump.

There are few people I know intimately enough, to have the type of first hand knowledge necessary, to make the type of fundamental character and value assertions you have ascribed to Donald Trump. Do you really know him that well?

I agree; “ We often get locked into negative thought patterns that we might not even be aware of.” But does any one person or group get to decide what ‘negative’ thoughts are? More importantly, does anyone have the right to punish another person or group for having thoughts (opinions) that are different?

Does anyone have the ability (intimate first hand knowledge and authority) to paint an entire, heterogeneous group of individuals or even a single person with the labels: Bigot, Hater, Racist, Fascist, Homophobe, etc? Would you characterize the use of this type of language as a way for us to move humanity towards:

“… a more open-minded society tolerant of all kinds of people and ideas?”

My answer to that question would be no. I also reject physical violence against individuals, groups and property as a moral or effective form of advancing ideas.

I’ll end my thoughts on this by encouraging you to reconsider “Leaving the Thiel Fellowship.”

“He is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the “enemy.” Socrates

As for me, I will continue to live by what I have said for 30 years:

‘Together We Can Do More!’

Namaste John Westra