#LiveThe5th: A Weekend in Georgia’s 5th District


In late January after the presidential election concluded, Atlanta, Georgia’s 5th district, received an insult. Somebody said that our community was crime ridden. They said our citizens were in horrible shape. And, they said our Congressional representative, John Lewis, was all talk & no action.

You and I know that to be untrue because to know Atlanta is to love Atlanta. And if you love Atlanta, then you love the 5th district. In fact, if you ask a true Atlantan about their love for the 5th not only do they love the 5th, they live the 5th.

That’s why we at Fitzgerald & CO used this past weekend to celebrate Georgia’s 5th district with a few of our good friends who also #LiveThe5th

Spiel on Aisle 5

Meet Brianna & Raquel, two attendees of the A3C & Live The 5th female showcase at Aisle 5. They came to support their friend Lizzie who was slated to perform later that night, and after stepping out for a bit of fresh air, we quickly struck up a conversation about cameras.Shortly after our conversation began, I had an epiphany.

What Live The 5th did for me

For me, Live the 5th began as a series of events; a cool art show here, and some good food there. But at Aisle 5 I realized that Live The 5th was a cultural experience. There I was talking to people I’d never known who in fact took the time to step away from what they were doing to teach me how to use my camera better.

That moment made the world a lot smaller. That moment showed me as residents of Georgia’s 5th district we had more in common than not, and that no matter the issue, however big or small, we stick together & we learn from one another.

Live the 5th showed me that even on the darkest nights in the coldest weather imaginable if you look hard enough you just might see exactly what makes this city amazing. And in the process, you just might find other amazing people too.

What did Live The 5th do for you?

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