The Apple Watch gave me a skin disease.

I’m writing this story to share what has happened to me over the last few years.

Being a huge tech fan, I stay on top of almost every release and new gadget that comes into market. Whether it’s from Apple, Google, Samsung, Oculus, you name it. I love technology. And I love the idea that we can use these technological advancements to further improve our lives and do things we never thought we’d be able to… like flying drones, or experiencing a virtual reality right before our eyes.

However, there’s been a recent shift to bring wearable tech into healthcare. More specifically, allowing these devices to be close to our body throughout the day so they gave us ‘important information about our bodies’ — step counts, heart rate, glucose measurements, a reminder to take a break and breathe for a minute — you get the idea.

Enter the Apple Watch. It was released with all this hype surrounding it — introduced as the ‘future of wearable technology’. It will open the doors for health and fitness initiatives, executives claimed. So as any normal Apple fan would do, I went out and bought myself a pair. Worst decision of my life.

Within months, I began noticing redness on my skin. My skin near my wrist started itching, paining and even swelling up occasionally. I’m not sensitive to wearables — I’ve worn a watch since I was a child without any problems. I usually wore the watch in the morning on the way to work, and took it off once I got back home.

Now, within eight months, the swelling became even more visible and painful. Now that area of skin had turned from bright red to dark red to now a blueish/purpleish color. I stopped wearing the watch immediately, and contacted my physician. He gave me a medication for temporary relief while he ordered X-rays and other exams to investigate what these unusual symptoms were.

After wearing the Apple Watch, I started having huge migraines, feeling nauseous and intense irritation on my arm. The irritation seemed to travel from my wrist up to my arm. Today, my entire arm is swelled up.

I am still in the process of getting treatment, but the doctor said it could be an allergic reaction to the materials within the Apple Watch, a reaction to the radition emitted from the device (even though the company claims the EMF and SAR values are within limits), or perhaps something else. SAR stands for the Standard Absorption Rate, and is used to measure how much energy is absorbed in your body.

I’ll update my blog with more information, all I know so far is my health has suffered greatly by wearing the Apple Watch. The doctor has said it could be anything, even cancerous, given the rapid spread of the pain, rashes and swelling. So much for wearable health tech.

More to come soon.