Pyrite, The Gem Of Empowerment, Confidence And Setting Boundaries

Pyrite: A Fiery and Protective Gem

Pyrite is a mineral that is bold, daring and in your face. It’s energy is fierce and loyal. Very much like a Leo: stunning, raw, yet regal. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the astrological gems for Leo.

Pyrite incorporates the essence of the elemental energy of fire. It dances in the light, beckoning you to embrace your inner flame–that spark of divinity within all of us.

Pyrite reaches out to your solar plexus chakra, where the core of your life force energy resides, and charges it up with it’s energy. It’s like literally plugging yourself in to be charged. It’s a stone that recharges, revitalizes and has the ferocity needed for any type of protection.

It’s energy surrounds you like a shield that stops negativity in it’s tracks. It shows you how to be lucky by instilling that confidence that attracts abundance. With pyrite, you learn how to be what you want to be with no exceptions. Pyrite is all about health, life force energy, abundance and protection.

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If you are doing any type of shadow work, aka trying to solve your own traumas and heal from them, Pyrite will light up the dark corners of your soul. It may be known as fools gold, by like brass, has the same energetic feel as gold: fierce, energetic, bold and empowering.

With this unique golden form of iron, you walk with confidence and grace, protected on all sides from all types of negativity; including your own. You are able to embrace your inner power and divinity. Pyrite shows you who you really are and teaches you to embrace your trueself.

Paired with rose quartz, you are open to divine love and self love will flourish. You will have compassion for those who are struggling with self love and self confidence issues. Together these two gems will help you to be loving while confidence. Rose quartz will balance the typical arrogance that comes from too much of this energy and help you not to be over confident, but divine, loving and true.

Who Needs Pyrite?

Anyone who is weak minded with very low self esteem. If you have trouble setting personal boundaries, feel as if you are worthless or even depressed, this mineral is for you.

It’s great for those working in toxic environments as it blocks all that negative energy from entering your auric field so you won’t take it home with you. Pyrite helps you to establish your authority over your energy, self, and personal space. If you find yourself always unable to say no to people who use or take advantage of you, Pyrite will help you say no with a sense of authority that will simply embarrass those seeking to use you.

How dare you even ask that of me? That’s the message Pyrite will help you be able to stand up and say.

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