Circles Project Update: 13 September 2017

Greetings to all

In this very first project update the team would like to make some announcements:

  • Our Senior Developer Noah Marconi has uploaded the Token Launch Smart Contract to Github under This code can be reviewed and downloaded at this address, which includes the Smart Contract components required for the Token Launch, including the Circles Token Solidity files.
  • We have published our first video that is a quick overview of the Circles Project, explaining the reasons behind the project’s conception as well as a basic run-through of the working parts of the platform. The video is available for viewing on our website or on Vimeo.
  • The Circles Project is pleased to announce that Toni Lane Casserly, Co-founder of Cointelegraph has joined the team as a key advisor! Toni is a welcomed addition to the team with her marketing skills and intelligent counsel.
  • We will have boots on the ground at San Francisco’s Disrupt Tech Crunch on September 18th! We will have a public relations member and Toni representing the Circles Project on the floor with resources to learn more about the platform as a whole.
  • Along with all of this information, a friendly reminder that our Presale Token Launch begins September 18th 17:00 GMT and will continue until October 18th or once our hard cap of 4375 ETH is met.
  • A total of 87,500,000 CRC will be available for purchase (25%) of the total distribution.
  • Contributors taking part in the Phase 1 presale will also receive a 25% bonus with at a rate of 1 ETH = 20,000 CRC

This is the first update from the Circles Project team, more will follow as progress continues.

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