Watching people struggle with their own belief systems when challenged by the shifting popular public sentiment is interesting.

It’s always entails being offended while being defensive.

The Overton Window is shifted by those willing to stand up and express the reality that everyone else is reluctant to accept.

What a few were saying many years ago, turned into a group pushing for it a few years ago, to a mass defending it daily now.

That usually happens because a few stubborn, and usually people viewed as “offensive” based on this insistence on truth, get ignored by that same group for…

While the Democratic Party continues to take a stand against those holding the party accountable to its written words, it is also sending a clear message for non-conformists to either “get in line” or “get the hell out”.

DNC Chair and main marionette, Tom Perez, took blatant and bold moves to oust anyone who opposed him or his corporate ideals. Now these actions and announcement was only done a short time after Democratic Party formerly asked U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to JOIN the party. As if!!!

“The resolution calls for Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Angus King (I-Maine) to run…

The Democratic Party should be willing to embrace all the common sense solutions that impact the lives of working people.

I have worked hard for everything I have ever had, which isn’t a whole lot more than anyone else. I have seen the fluctuations of the market crash businesses, and effect my own.

Yet the bankers and Wall Street executives, big business moguls, and the inherently wealthy have been hoarding and playing a serious game of Roulette with our lives. And we, you and me, bailed them out, while they continue with their greed and reckless ways.

If Democrats are…

In a FB thread, someone referred to me as a politician, because I’m running for office. This happened to be in a Bernie group, so my response was thus:

“I’m not a politician. I’m just a Bernie Supporter, like you. I just decided to answer his call and stand up for the values he fought for and that the movement is still about.

I’m hoping that this movement isn’t just a bunch of crap and people will really run and others will vote them into office.

I’m running as an Independent, because I can’t find Party politics appealing. I find…

It has been a while since I have written an “article” on Medium. I consider these blurbs of random thoughts to be more like poor attempts at journaling. Nonetheless, it is time for a new entry. You see, little did I know back when I wrote “Bernard’s Dream” that I would take it so seriously. After the election, and all the “I told ya so”s from us Bernie supporters, I was able to immediately rally my emotions into action and started working with the Minnesota Green Party.

Minnesota’s First Congressional District

So far I have met a lot of wonderful people. The Green Party…

I saw this being shared on social media. Keith Ellison Big Bucks. It’s worth noting what they are doing and how we contract with that.

Of course the piece paints him as a champion for the people, and he may very well be. But this is further proof that big bucks are driving these campaigns. So the question is, why is just this ONE campaign pulling in all this cash. If a People movement is what the Green Party professes, then we should help get people moving. LOL

— -

I have set my mind to running for my…

How I define being a Progressive: progressive is not Left OR Right…It is FORWARD. It is not “liberalism”. Being a progressive means seeking out and enacting the BEST possible solutions available to humanity, at any given time, to improve the lives of everyone in our society. Sometimes that means conserving. Sometimes that means investing. There is NEVER a political reason to not do what’s right for We The People #WTP.

So many emotions. So many confused feelings. And then EVERY political list you belong to has a new twist on why you need to send them money. I have personally…

In a recent email broadcast, sent out by the Bernie Sanders campaign, announcing the upcoming public address on August 24th, 2016.

My response:

I’ll be there Bernie Sanders. As long as you do NOT mention Hillary Clinton and try to include her in #OurRevolution, I will be glued to the announcement.

If, however, Ms. Clinton is included as any part of #OurRevolution, I’m afraid I will not be able to support the platform, until it separates itself completely from any Corrupt poolitical leaders. Just letting you know.

There are many confused people about #OurRevolution. Most of us know…

To say that the largest progressive movement in modern times, should just give up on the national stage, after getting this far and having this much publicity, is counter to the underlying argument that the Green Party has not got enough support.

True we all know that Jill Stein is going to have it just as hard as Bernie Sanders did, if not harder. But she should at least get the chance to make that case to the American People. …

Nervous Senate Democrats raised concerns with Hillary Clinton during a private meeting in the Capitol Thursday over a recent poll showing Donald Trump leading or tied in several battleground states.

“Some people were freaked out, they were looking down at the polls on Real Clear Politics and asking why it was so close,” said a Democratic senator who attended the meeting, referring to a website lawmakers were checking out on their personal devices.

Clinton’s response?

“She said there are other issues. People are unhappy and they don’t trust institutions,” the senator explained.

A second Democratic source in the meeting confirmed…

Johnny Akzam

Entrepreneur | Consultant | Social Solutionist

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