A Letter to Progressives (Green or Not)

How I define being a Progressive: progressive is not Left OR Right…It is FORWARD. It is not “liberalism”. Being a progressive means seeking out and enacting the BEST possible solutions available to humanity, at any given time, to improve the lives of everyone in our society. Sometimes that means conserving. Sometimes that means investing. There is NEVER a political reason to not do what’s right for We The People #WTP.

So many emotions. So many confused feelings. And then EVERY political list you belong to has a new twist on why you need to send them money. I have personally unsubscribed from a dozen sites, since the Trump Train came to town. Directly after the primary, I decided to take all my energy from Bernie and #GoGreen. Created a website for it and everything: http://berniersgogreen.com

Further down the General Election road, I decided to run for state office in 2018, as a Green Party candidate for my area. Our town doesn’t have a local chapter of the state Green Party yet, so since the DNConvention, we have been just ‘loosely’ gathering and taking part in activities to boost support for Dr. Jill Stein. Of course we all knew she likely had very little chance at winning a state, but the effort was to gain a 5% voter turnout to qualify Green Party U.S. for major party status. Very important for any political group to becoming a contentious party.

So my suggestion, with regard to the local groups, is that our first priority is to assemble local chapters.

The green Party, as a whole, needs to propose a branded campaign that we can continue to use throughout the future. That would give the entire state, and possibly the GPUS a means to gather MEMBERSHIP, from this new political development. I believe the financial support will come with new membership.

There is a pool of lost political souls out there, but so many don’t take us [GPUS] seriously, mainly because they don’t experience the belonging they were used to in maybe one of the other parties.

This is time for a Come Join Us! new membership campaign. We have all the way to December before this is officially over, and then again in January for the inauguration. Till then, there are Yuge numbers of “I told you so” Bernie supporters that need to know we are here.

Some states had good success in spots. But the states turned red with the rest of them. The GOP took the Legislation. If the Greens doubled our votes for President to the election, considering the turnout, we should be able to double that membership before inauguration, and then double it again after all the hopeful fringe Dems finally give up.

I hate to use business as an analogy, but for online businesses, the key to success, as taught by many successful marketers is, give them a place to belong and a reason to stay, and they will be loyal thru and thru.

So to go along with the fundraising efforts, having a ‘marketing’ (for lack of a better term) campaign that is evergreen and pertinent to our current situation, will likely return better results. Furthermore, these seeds need to be planted and watered, while the planting is good.

I believe it is that type of inaction by the DFL that pushed people away, after Bernie. If we display the same type of laissez-faire attitude toward our minor units, we will lose people. Volunteers want organization. They don’t want to have to take the lead. So small groups of people in towns around the nations need to Come Join Us, and get the answers they are looking for.

And to be honest with everyone, I know we need money, but EVERYONE is asking for money right now. Wouldn’t a better approach be to just start getting active and attracting new members? With new membership will come new financial support. We have people all over that aren’t thrilled about the outcome, but even more, I believe that are disgusted with the means to that end.

I really really really would like to put together and launch an active community campaign for COME JOIN US. Take focus away from the money and back on the issues, and show people there is a real place to go where they are welcome.

CONTRIBUTE — to the cause anyway you can
OBSERVE — your local politicians
MARCH — when and where appropriate
EDUCATE — the People on the Process in their area
JOIN — your local groups
INFORM — the People of the TRUTH
OBEY — laws to ensure our message isn’t lost
NEVER — display hate or violence
UNITE — Together
STAY — Strong no matter the opposition

I firmly believe, by all the vibe I have been taking in from everywhere, if GPUS fails to engage people in this way, we will not be able to break through like we want to and offer the hope everyone is looking for. Fundraising IS important. But right now? Fresh wounds and uncertainty because people don’t know the law. In December, the Electoral College will strike another blow to this election. and then again in January…putting a final nail in the #TrumpisPrsident Coffin.

Like it or not folks, in order to be contenders in 2018 and 2020 again, we are going to have to convert a portion of Democrats, affected by this outcome. Just because there are 42% of the population that identifies as “Independent”, that doesn’t mean they all have Progressive views. And any pull from the Republican base would be attributed to life changes or head wounds I suppose.

So the reality of our new base is likely 1/2 of the self-identified Independents, like myself, and some portion of strong progressive minded people from the Liberal/Democrat’s base. Like the rain forests, this should be a simultaneously growing movement on all level: national, state and local. Like plants, the Green Party as a whole should be sprouting up all over with new stalks, shooting for the sky.

We can lead the charge, but we should encourage dialog with the national heads and campaigns and make it a single common thread. It doesn’t have to be my idea…but whatever the campaign, it should be something the entire party takes part in, down all the way to the locals.

A common message. Come Join Us!

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