My Response to a Democrat

Following is a post I came across from one of my local democratic leaders. She explains what is wrong with the Conventions and the democrat’s party:

I’ve been thinking about the convention and the post-speech media interviews last night. I have been concerned about our delegate selection process for sometime and I’ve decided to speak my thoughts — this may irritate some of you…
As Democrats, we are deeply committed to building the party and being inclusive — great objectives, to be sure!! But over the years, I have watched us turn our backs on selecting true party faithfuls (those that volunteer/doorknock/lead behind the scenes) to be delegates and instead have supported new attendees and/or “young blood”. The trouble with this is that we have sometimes chosen first-timers to caucuses, single issue delegates or “true believers” of a particular candidate….perhaps even folks that aren’t even members of the party. Is making them a state or national delegate really the best way to bring in new people?
It’s worth grappling with this, I think. When I hear convention delegates say publicly and to the press that they will not support the party’s selection and even vote for another candidate in another party it makes me pause! Certainly folks have the right to cast their ballot for whom they like at the polls…but shouldn’t a national convention delegate be asked ahead of time whether they will ultimately support the Democratic candidate as part of the selection process? Delegates should ABSOLUTELY cast their vote for who they were selected to support, but would it be unreasonable to ask them to pledge to ultimately support the party choice at the convention?
I love the passion folks have about the process and the candidates, but at the end of the day the convention should unite behind the party, the party platform and the candidate ultimately chosen. Those are my thoughts. I have just been disappointed seeing non-party folks attend the national convention ahead of committed folks who work so hard for Democratic candidates over the years. Be disappointed that your guy/gal didn’t make first string, but help the team win for heaven sakes!

And here is my response:

You are so right. You guys should be united. Most of us understand that the Democratic PARTY is not really for people to take part in. It is another faction of attempted checks and balances of power. Unfortunately, no one can check the the parties, as proven on Monday morning.

Your own candidate PROMOTED the DNC Chair AFTER allegations of collusion and misconduct in relation to the very rules the “Democratic” party set for themselves. What does that say? First Hillary Clinton skirts any accountability for her mishandling of classified information, perpetuating the idea that there are two sets of laws in this country.

Then she tells us that she is willing to protect her close wrongdoers, wiping out their accountability for them. That act, in and of itself, displayed just one more spit in the eye and slap in the face of the American people and any of those that attempted to become part of your party. DWS just got promoted, after a horrible revelation of the most UNDEMOCRATIC actions. It gets quickly quieted, swept under the rug, no apology and no accountability.

How is it exactly Kim Norton, that you, or anyone in your party, expects any reasonable thinking person to support that, let alone unite with opposition attendees that want nothing to do with us. You, yourself, note newcomers are not welcome at the convention by the Party or the opposition delegates.

If you are honestly saying that you expect people to unite under corruption, and if they don’t they obviously are not Democrats, then I guess you are right…that’s why I’m not a Democrat and never will be. (NOTE: I’m not affiliated with any party at this point and don’t plan on doing so any time soon.)

Where there is “organization” there is the potential for corruption, IF rules and laws are not enforced and a person’s power is not checked. The Democrat’s Party has failed miserably at both. I can’t support that.

Besides there are more choices than you guys are offering anyway. The Democrats, as a whole, have left the people a long time ago. Now some of those people are leaving them, and potential new members have been unwelcomed this go around, so most probably won’t ever go back.

Bernie Sanders did a horrible thing by running on the Democrat’s ticket. It was good for his campaign because he got exposure he wouldn’t have otherwise, due to the relationships between certain people and the media. But his mistake in running, as a Democrat, is that none of you considered him as a democrat, rightfully so, and you were unwilling to welcome outside ideas. He never should have tried to welcome people into a house he didn’t own. He was trying to crash a party that he was NEVER invited to. When the Convention revealed to everyone in real time that it wasn’t just a vibe or a suspicion, they began to pick up on the hint that they were not welcome, and the party was over for them. So they left. And a bunch of people they know and we know and others know…yeah it’s a big group…all got the same hint. We get it. It’s your club, and membership is restricted.

When, against almost impossible odds, Bernie Sanders started smashing you guys, it didn’t settle well. You know why? Most of you made up your minds that Hillary Clinton was going to be your nominee on November 7, 2012, and you weren’t going to let anyone or anything interfere with that.

Continued after a comment made:

Delegates are party representatives at a party convention. And your true colors are showing…”you guys”, “your club”, “your party”.

LOL…what do you mean, “true colors”? I have never said I was a Demoncrat. I am a Progressive. So when I say you guys and your club, that’s because I am not a member and never have felt like your clubwanted me in it.

AND, before you get too insulting, just know that I voted for you.

Please reread your comment. The first sentence makes my case for me and negates your second sentence.

You say, “party” “party”. Insiders. Not average people. That is the connotation; that not just anyone is allowed, or they shouldn’t be allowed, in your view, to be delegates. Why? Because it’s your party. And if someone is new, which everyone was at some point, or if someone doesn’t adopt the mainstream views of the fake Democrat’s platform, then they are not welcome to your party.

The reason I use second person pronouns in our conversation is because that party is not mine to be a part of. You and your party have made that clear, not just with the Convention and ELECTION FRAUD issues, but you just said it in your OP.

There is a saying, something like this: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” That is what the Democrat’s organization has been doing to people for decades. I have only been in Minnesota, since 1999. And I love it because it is the most PROGRESSIVE midwestern state. Hate the cold, but the people are warm. I found home, when I found Minnesota.

Those are my real colors Kim. I do more for others, than I ever do for myself. I stand up against unfairness and bullying. I have a 16 year old son, and I’m a single father. I own my own business, and I treat my own team, as if I can’t do it without them because I can’t.

You, as a democrat, should be outraged at how the DNC ran the primary and how they broke their own rules. you, as my representative, in one of the best states in the Union and as someone that belongs to that party, you should be raising hell over the blatant voter fraud, primary collusion, and outright public discontent for a candidate. you should be voicing outrage because the name of your party is actually the “Democratic” Party. But there was nothing democratic about any of this and you know it. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Minnesota and the U.S. Government. You are a legislator. Justice is your job.

That is the worst part. Democrats not even involved, like yourself, won’t just admit to the wrong, take accountability for their actions, and try to repair their relationships moving forward. I take responsibility for my actions and teach my son to do the same. When he sees the government pulling the shit it is…the group that says it is supposed to be for the people and representative of our needs, then please explain to me, how I can look him in the eyes and tell him, “That’s just the way democracy works, Son. You get to fill out a piece of paper, and they get pick for you.” They aren’t that dumb. The reason he lives with me is because his mom is not a good role model and LIES too much. IT’S WRONG. I can’t conceive being part of any organization that makes its main point of operations to be deceitful.

But the “process” is not being run ethically. I get processes. My whole life is a series of processes. But I conduct myself with integrity and honesty. I don’t manipulate things to benefit me and then lie about it or act like it never happened.

And Kim, let me just say, your reluctance to openly agree that the 2015–16 “process” was corrupt and conducted with massive wrongdoing is shocking, after the overwhelming amount of evidence. Not speculation. Evidence. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

The only DEMS that are admitting it are leaving, leaving the DNC, or have made it their personal mission to work within the system, like Tulsi Gabbard. We all know she supports Bernie Sanders. But she has plans. So does Bernie Sanders. You see, we know that he worked this all perfectly, in light of the leaked evidence and the primary fraud. he is now viewed as a hero by all those non-Bernie supporters.

His stock in the senate just went WAY up. So his position and endorsement, is part of a bigger plan for him. Believe me, if you think for one minute that Bernie really believes in his heart that Hillary Clinton deserves to be president, after all her wrongdoing, you are kind of lost and out of touch with the movement of the people.

The Democrat’s party has shot itself in the foot. And it’s not because they got caught. We already knew what had happened. Politicians think they are immune to body language and gesturing. 93% of what we communicate Kim is NON-VERBAL. Savvy people, that are in tune with other humans, and not so egocentric, have a tendency to be more perceptive of people’s emotional state. So when politicians start reading their scripts, only 7% of what is being relayed is coming form the words being spoken. The rest is all in the eyes and movements. So they say a lot more about themselves and their intentions through their body language.

This is in response to another commenter that brought up and compared this to something the Republicans did:

So…Watergate means nothing to you? How about Iran Contra? Republicans certainly have no fingers to point about people not going to jail. Just saying..

Wait a minute…who said anything about Republicans? I didn’t. And regardless, that argument is an elementary rebuttal. You can’t walk into court and tell the judge,

“So…my neighbor that shot a guy means nothing to you? How about the lady who killed a family drinking and driving? Other members of society have no fingers to point about people not going to jail. Just sayin…”

I don’t think that defense would wash very well, do you? That’s my first point. Second point: I’m not a republican. As a matter of fact, I’m probably the furthest thing from a republican…according to that nifty little graph creator that has been floating around Facebook, I have scientific proof.

And the 3rd point is that in Watergate, I believe someone lost his job….who was that again…Oh it was PRESIDENT Richard Nixon. And in the Iran Contra affair, it was the Congressional Special Committee that let Reagan and North get away with, “I don’t recall.”

I would have used that reasoning to impeach or something. The most powerful person in the world doesn’t remember the deals he makes with other countries? I think he needs to go. But just like the Private Server issue, the elite get a pass once or twice, or thrice or more.

I think you democrats and republicans have been at each other for so long, any time anyone offers any criticism you each immediately attribute the critique to the other side and then begin with the comparison of dishonor. It’s really shameful on all sides. That’s why I prefer to just let those folks that like to join clubs and memberships and organizations as part of their identity just do their thing.

The problem is, those same people won’t just let me do my thing. Seems I’m always being told what’s good for me from people that are mishandling funds and stripping down social maintenance for the base taxpayers.

You have a problem with the hackers but not the information. The revealed information is of no consequence to you?

What was so funny, actually, wasn’t the action of the hack, but the fact that IT HAPPENED YET AGAIN. And it’s going to keep happening, and Democrat party members are just going to keep ignoring the revelations?

What was funny, is that I was no more than done editing my last comment on here, when I got wind of this article on Twitter. And I was just trying to make the point to you that democrats seem to be just overlooking and detracting from the evidence therein and trying to gloss over it by focusing on the hackers.

I think hacking is a crime and it is dangerous. I’m a web developer myself. So I know the risks. But in cases where hacking reveals the lies of our governmental leaders, that stand and LIE right to our faces, steal money from us, and pretend they can’t fix the issues because they don’t have the budget.

I have no problem paying higher taxes for society needs. But when I find the government is stealing from us, well I guess I take that just a tad personal. I guess I see that as a crime as well. I should be able to call the police. It’s like they are going right into my wallet and taking money from me, under the guise of providing me with goods and services.

It’s theft. And ANYONE government official, no matter what his or HER name is, should face the consequences. A lot of really good people have done bad things. And our society makes them pay their debt to society. I think most people would say I’m a really good guy. But guess what, I have a rough span through my twenties. I got in some trouble. I faced my punishment, didn’t DENY it once confronted, and paid my debt to the rest of society that I put in jeopardy or brought loss to in some way.

Gee, I’m not even a lawyer, and I think I get that legal concept. Hillary Clinton is guilty of a lot. She got away with one AGAIN with the server. But it seems more is coming down the pike. Are you going to stand by her side, if she has handcuffs on one day?

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