Op-ed to #OurRevolutionist Supporting HRC

To say that the largest progressive movement in modern times, should just give up on the national stage, after getting this far and having this much publicity, is counter to the underlying argument that the Green Party has not got enough support.

True we all know that Jill Stein is going to have it just as hard as Bernie Sanders did, if not harder. But she should at least get the chance to make that case to the American People. Now even if you are not going to vote for her, you should at least want to include her on the national stage.

And previous members giving up on the Green Party because it couldn’t get its act together, is like giving up on your child for not behaving. You don’t do that. You keep working with your child. You keep teaching your child. You HELP your child grow up.

It is always “Next time”. We will get started on building the revolution “Next time”! You don’t win a revolution by talking about it.

While I love and respect all of you and your feelings and opinions, I will tell you that it is these types of sentiments that keep extinguishing #OurRevolution, every few years. So we can keep talking about it. We can keep blaming the failing of #OurRevolution on the lack of good leaders. We can blame it on poor strategy. Or we can just make a decision that no matter what happens, we are going to finally stand our ground against corruption, destroy the veil of unity that exists in the Democrat’s party, and finally make it known that, even if we don’t win, we will have built the foundation. And WE can’t build the foundation, by giving in to fear.

#OurRevolution is not being fought with weapons of war. It is being fought in the spirits of all those that have been fighting for freedom from the oppression and monopoly of power in our governments.

You may view me as an extremist for my views, but I assure you I’m not at all. Those who have met me personally know that I’m outspoken, but not unreasonable. We can’t keep silencing the movement and putting it on hold every 4 years, to allow the dominance of the two party system to continue.

By telling the political and elite class that we are not going to fall in line any more, we are going to support another agenda that is our “next time” right now.

The problem isn’t the Green Party’s strategy. The problem is the people with the skills to change the strategy keep giving up and going back to the DEMs, where it’s “safe”. It’s not right. But it’s safe. And safe is only going to get us what we have always had.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I don’t care if you want to stay registered as a DEM because you are afraid. But don’t sacrifice the values of #OurRevolution because of your own fears. You see the Trump scare is not enough to tell me that I should silence my fight. Neither is the Hillary scare.

I have made a decision this round to vote my conscience. And after that, I’m going to get involved in Rochester with some of the Education reform. I may take a seat in office. I will not affiliate myself with any party that associates itself with wrongdoing. I will remain open to working with all. If a local party is worthy of my support, I can tell you it won’t be the DEMs. I just know that. I believe that organization is too far gone. Not all the members, of course, but the heads at least. We saw that. And with Kim Norton’s exchange with me over the exclusivity mentality of the DEMs, I don’t want to be a part of an elitist group.

Some may stay in and continue to fight from the inside and report back to #OurRevolution. But even Bernie Sanders is not going to put a D behind his name. He is going to remain an Independent, despite a quickly made comment he made one day when cornered on an interview. This idea that we keep just falling in line and reinforcing the DEMs, after they commit fraud and corruption, really is beyond me. I really wouldn’t be able to do it.

To say that the Green Party is not organized, and then have organizers like our very own Keith McLain say he is going to remain a democrat is hard to swallow. Does anyone understand that? I don’t’ care what Bernie Sanders has said on TV. He hasn’t sent me one email asking me to support Hillary Clinton. Has anyone else received an email from the Bernie Sanders Campaign, OurRevolution.com or any other affiliated Bernie Sanders official spokes group to vote for Hillary Clinton?

No. And do you know why? Because it is not what is in Bernie Sanders’ heart. He is playing his game as he needs to, in his unique position. But anyone that has worked as hard for Bernie Sanders as those I have met through this experience should know, his words are his game of politics at this point. We aren’t Bernie Sanders. We didn’t just go through what he did. Let him do his thing. However, we have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children and families, and to Bernie Sanders to keep this fight up now. Not next time. NOW!