John: I am a Secular Humanist & am all for helping my fellow men, if they R able 2 & then try to…
emanuel buddy klein

Hi Emanuel. I won’t use the best words for this, but I like a balance of maximum need, maximum bang-for-the-buck, and maximum experience. For the first, both groups have high need, but African kids more often have a higher need and no real access to an alternative. For the second, money spent in developing countries generally provides the most bang. However, my travel is not cheap, so this factor cuts against me. Which gets to the third factor. A lot of people view the sort of thing I described as “giving” something, and I think that is a wrong view. The giver of time and effort in developing countries is the receiver of much more — in terms of experience, emotion, growth, and any other term you want to use. The trips we take ought to have a money-back guarantee, because no one would ever ask for it. We just cannot get that same experience in the U.S. I hope that helps. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

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