From the media’s perspective, the Left had to be reasoned with, made to see the irrationality of revolution. Quite literally that. It had to proselytize increments and evangelize pragmatism.
Who Cares if Senators Remember to Wipe Their Chins After They Finish Blowing Chevron?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Nail on head, there. Ever since ‘The End of History’ there’s been a concerted effort to push Left wing parties into Neo-Liberal territory. ‘Well now,’ they say to left-wing voters, ‘all that nonsense about equality, solidarity and Socialism was all very amusing and a fun little game, wasn’t it? Now, let’s get back to the real world.’ It happened under the last Clinton and under Blair. The Dems and Labour were dragged to the Right (which is apparently the new centre ground) like good, sensible Gen. X-ers.

Then along come Corbyn and Sanders, daring to call themselves Socialists and use terms like ‘solidarity’ again. ‘Hang on!’ the Fukuyama Faithful cry, ‘I thought we’d killed off all this silliness!’ So they panicked, tried to ridicule the Left, manufacture a crisis. You could see the vultures in the British press circling over Labour, waiting for what seemed like an inevitable collapse, spreading rumours of coup plots and discontent. But nothing happened. Corbyn is still there.

‘Surely no-one still actually believes in any of this stuff?’

Oh yes, we certainly do.

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