Fit Shaming, Fat Shaming & Mind Your Own Damn Business.

I have a sad but true confession to make. (Metallica reference to reinstate manhood). When Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” song hit the top of the music charts, I knew every word of every song on that album. Now in my defense, I was living with 2 chicks while home from college and that shit was catchy.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh….

I digress.

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend hunting and to watch the Super Bowl with one of the top nutritionists around, Tyler “Melee” Minton of Power Athlete and Crossfit Melee. We talked about football, The UFC, weight loss, weight gain, strength and conditioning, football, politics and of course the star of the halftime show, Lady Gaga. Both of us were impressed with the physique, muscle tone, and athletic movements.

But despite her four thumbs up performance and physique, Gaga’s “gut” was the a topic of discussion all over the Internet Monday morning. Here are some clichés that are pretty much always true in these situations.

  1. Misery loves company.
  2. It’s easier to drag someone down than pick yourself up.
  3. And of course, my favorite…

Gaga’s quote was 95% spot on. You should always love and be proud of yourself. The 5% she was missing is possibly the most important. You need to TAKE CARE of yourself as well.

Being healthy, both physically and mentally is just as, if not more important than self image. If you are overweight, obese, have a low lean mass percentage (AKA Skinny Fat), have high blood pressure, are pre or diabetic or a host of other problems, taking actions to improve or fix the problems need to be priority number one. If you are confident at 5'3" tall and 280lbs with high blood sugar, aching knees, and get out of breath walking up the stairs, it is time for a wake up call. You are not healthy, and you are abusing yourself. Plus, imagine how you would feel in a healthier, leaner body!

Taking the necessary steps to improve your health doesn’t mean you dislike who you are. It means you love yourself enough to make the sacrifices to improve the quality of, and very possibly extended, your life.

This isn’t some plea for your vanity. This is a plea for your health. There is nothing more important. Being healthy is more than the number on the scale. Two people can be the same height, the same weight, and couldn’t be further apart on health markers. One may be on the verge of a stroke, heart attack, or diabetes, while the other ready to run marathons, Spartan races, or compete in the Crossfit games. The Scale is a Big Fat Liar.

Everyone will probably agree, the photos on the right are probably much more likely to be a healthier version than the ones on the left.

No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Big is beautiful. Small is beautiful. Curves are beautiful. Skinny is beautiful. Muscular, athletic, fit, thick, petite, whatever you are, you should feel good about yourself and no matter what, you should strive be not just happy, but healthy too.

Haters Gonna Hate

No matter what you do, people are going to have negative things to say. Ignore them. Who cares? People flapped there gums when I was 170lbs are ripped, when I was 235 and had a 6 pack. Misery loves company. Surround yourself with good people and you will be 1000x better off. Just mind your own business and keep moving forward.