I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

While there are no “facts” in science, you are essentially right. There is a war on science, and much of it is driven by financial reasons. I am more on the fitness, health, and nutrition side and I see the same thing all the time.

Coming from a biology background makes me want to strangle lobbyists and CEOs making a profit from pushing bad science and essentially killing people in the process. (big pharma, “food” companies, energy companies, etc).

My main concern with “the global warming” (yes I know it is happening. I 100% believe it) is not that the earth is getting warmer, were going to lose all the ice, and species are going to die. It just is a fact of life. We have had 4 or 5 ice ages. None of the previous global warming was caused by cars, fossil fuels, or anything along those lines, yet here we are. The human race is still here.

My biggest concern isn’t losing Charleston, SC and most of Florida to melted ice caps. My biggest concern, is the negative impact on the air and water quality. We have Duke Power dumping ash into river in NC, and EPA ran clean up that dumped millions of gallons of water into the river in Colorado, and air qualities in California that cause asthmatic fits in healthy visitors.

Environmental scientist like yourself, need to take a page from any parent with a kid who won’t eat his veggies, or like I do with my rottie Jethro. You hide them in something they like. Veggies in cheese, or in Jethro’s case, a heart worm pill wrapped in ground beef. What I am getting at, is you have to make your pitch more appealing. Cover the global warming up in something more palatable. Find something more people can get behind. Make it cool (Tesla is killing it!!!) Remember, a lot of the opposition is trying to buy another private jet to go to their new island they just bought, and another big part thinks the world is 45oo years old and dinosaur bones were put there by the devil to throw us off from finding god…

Good luck. We have an uphill battle.