Why Snapchat Will Be Great for B2B Companies
Gary Vaynerchuk

I definitely agree that the “potential” for Snapchat to become to next ubiquitous platform is there, but for me they still haven’t solved the “user network” problem.

To my knowledge, Instagram is the only app that addressed this problem by creating a robust system where you are recommended similar users who post/like similar content. It’s actually quite genius and has made my own personal Instagram experience very enjoyable.

Unfortuantely, I see Snapchat struggling in the same way Twitter/Medium/et al struggle because there’s very little way in gaining followers without having pre-existing social media clout. Unless Snapchat is bought out by Zuckerberg & Co and integrated into Instagram (similar to how Vine was intergrated into Twitter) I don’t see Snapchat become the “next big thing.”

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