Melania, Are You Okay?
Alaura Weaver

God … what can I say? This is a well-written projection. We must resist, fight, obstruct trump — but not this way. It is not useful. I don’t care a pip about Melania, a gold-digger who struck it ludicrously “rich”. She likes the penthouses, gold plated everything, jewelry, clothes, fancy food … but knows, unlike her husband, that she does not belong anywhere near that podium, let alone for the reason she was there. Melania’s main emotional state was from being in the presidential inauguration ceremony of what was once the best country on our beleaguered planet, and knowing she was not worthy of being there, and never would be. Why trump treated her however you may suss he was is not at all important. Melania understood on that day that she was an impostor, a poseur, out of her depth, out of her league. She had been granted permission to be there by a populace of ultra-stupid strangers — and Melania, the foreigner, knows just how stupid they are. Please, Alaura, protect women who are in real need of protection.