Special report: I spent 5 years with some of Trump’s biggest fans. Here’s what they won’t tell you.
Mother Jones

Interesting, well-written, about the “deep story”. I almost felt something. Yeah, wow, I get it now. So that’s why. Sharon, un-huh. Wants to act like a “woman” less like a “man”, but life makes her act like a “man”, un-huh, I get it. Shyster.

Here’s my deep story: all trump cultists are scum. The world is what it is and we libotards didn't make it that way. We’re just trying to engender fairness, a virtually impossible task, and trump and his cultists, and, moreover, the Stupid Party are our enemies. 180 degree enemies. Some may come around, realize trump is in the process of dismantling what hope they have for help, especially healthcare. But most too stupid, dull, programmed, to realize it, ever. Screw em.

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