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  1. Yelp is not Amazon. The sheer volume of reviews on Amazon, for the savvy user, results in overall better choices. With Yelp the targets of reviews can be small vulnerable businesses or practices.
  2. The laws should allow — be changes to allow, which won’t happen unfortunately — the doctors to respond to their “accusers”.
  3. I haven’t yet reviewed a doctor on Yelp but was thinking of it, when a few years a go, a dentist, who advertised in an virtually unknown venue, as a “holistic” dentist, removed a mercury filling — most conventional dentists call them “silver fillings” — without using a throat dam to catch mercury laden particles, possibly extremely small so then couldn’t be felt on the skin. To me this was a serious violation of proper protocol when dealing with what is deemed “hazardous waste”. And it’s not the sort of violation which will show up as a sudden downtick in my overall health. I reserve the right to review him, and he has a right to defend himself — and he can use my name and crtitique my clothes if he wants — but short of my personal slander against him, he has no right to sue me for any review I might write.
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