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Something I always think of when thinking of the impact of data sharing, consumerism, and targeted advertising is the realism of how much it actually works. True enough, I would hate to be spammed by advertisements on services such as Google Maps, which would clog the overarching structure of the program but… that hasn’t happened yet. And it seems unlikely for it to happen, because when it does I would simply just switch Apps. There are in fact other options out there. More to that point targeted advertising could simply mean when I look as a consumer for things on the street, it gives me results that I actually need. And In reference to using a browser online, there are powerful Ad-blocking programs that allow for a clean interface when I need it, offered as an extension through Google’s Browser. This is weird for a company who makes money on selling our information. If an advertisement isn’t entertaining or does not serve as a real interest to me there are very easy ways to avoid its blandness. Advertising can only be as good as its market.