First Impression

In August of 2015, I was taking a look at my schedule for the day, noticing a “courtesy meeting” with a company called UJET. The referral had come from one of our closest advisors who was billed as having technology chops, but I couldn’t help but dread seeing yet another customer support app.

Anand Janefalkar, Founder & CEO of UJET, walked in later that afternoon and a courtesy meeting quickly turned into canceling the rest of my day to hear and learn more.

After 17 years in the venture business, I’ve learned that 70 percent of any investment decision essentially rides on the people. My filter is to find purpose-driven people that have unique insight into a market and who care deeply about the quality of their product. These are the people who go all in. They are not about ego, but possess conviction strong enough to make decisions. Anand was authentic, and I knew he was the real deal.

Within minutes of our first meeting, Anand was quick to jump into his demo and showcase what he was so obviously proud of. When the cell coverage on Sand Hill gave out, he walked us out into the courtyard so we could see what UJET was all about. He denied Murphy’s Law of demos…and we got signal.

As I reflect back on first meeting, I truly did get all the right signals that day. With UJET coming out of stealth today and adding world-class investors, I’m eager to see what’s to come.”

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