26M polygons 3D file automatically brought to Cardboard in seconds

Amazing how a super big 3D file is brought to virtual reality in an instant

As an intern at Kubity I have been exposed to and discovered a whole lot about Virtual Reality and I am still learning so much more.

Virtual Reality as you may have observed is growing in its importance to designers, be they architects, 3D designers or developers. It improves designers’ ability to better communicate their designs and translate those complicated concepts or ideas into something others can perceive. With VR we can now feel the space of our design and determine if it is true to scale, and whether to consider other design options.

It is true that there are all these benefits to VR, however to better streamline the evaluation, exploration and experience of a design, it is necessary for there to be high quality CAD files that adequately aid the display of 3D models in a smooth and seamless manner. And what we have are CAD files that are big, very complex not for the purpose of being pretty but for a future purpose, they are not digital art, rather they communicate an idea that could be developed in reality.

Having said that, automatically transforming a super big file from its normal 3D display to virtual reality is easy with the Kubity app and website, as seen from the video above.

A platform that can process such big files and and display them in a fast and seamless manner makes the design process a whole lot better.

So if you work a lot with SketchUp for your design projects, no matter how big your files are, you can benefit from exploring them effectively on your iPhone and/or Android. I encourage you to download the Kubity app to better display and appreciate your designs.

If you still don’t have a Carboard you can get it by clicking the link below