Good news for all Revit users

Bringing your designs to Virtual Reality just became easy for Revit users.

The new “Kubity Exporter extension for Revit” helps you export your 3D designs from Revit to Virtual Reality in seconds. It is an efficient way of exploring your work while in the creative process, you can evaluate and improve it.

With your 3D model exported, you are able to view it in Virtual Reality on your smartphone on the free Kubity app (iPhone and Android). In Virtual Reality you can assess if your design is true to scale, if it is communicating the purpose for which it was developed, and if there are changes and improvements that need to be made.

You can choose to navigate with your smartphone while in VR or choose the Google Cardboard, place your smartphone into it and immerse yourself in the design.

If you design using another tool, say SketchUp, there is a Kubity exporter for SketchUp as well. To know more click on the link below.