How to export your SketchUp designs to Virtual Reality with just a click

Discovering, Inventing and developing technologies, apps, features that make life easy adds to a long list of benefits that we all enjoy in todays world. Apps that streamline the process of design or improves the ease with which we communicate or creates access to information, these benefits gives us a higher appreciation for this era when compared to the previous.

Adding to the list of benefits is the Kubity Exporter for SketchUp, an extension that helps you transfer your 3D model from SketchUp directly to Kubity in seconds. The exporter helps you bypass the long process of downloading files to then drop them into the website after. Rather it streamlines the process, exporting your designs from SketchUp to Kubity with a click of the extension, making it a fast and efficient step in the design process. It is an effective way of evaluating your designs while still in the design process so you can improve it or after concluding your design.

So you may be designing your next building, urban city, car or furniture and you may want to track your progress by evaluating the product in Virtual Reality. By installing the Kubity extension from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse you can easily do that. And to be able to view your designs in VR I encourage you to get the app on your iPhone and/or Android. And to alo enhance your virtual experience you could also get the affordable Google Cardboard.