Using Samsung’s Gear VR to experience your 3D files in Virtual Reality

As a Designer, Engineer, Architects, CG Artist, Sales Rep, you can effectively use Gear VR with the powerful 3D and VR display tool, Kubity, to enable you observe your design and effect sales.

The partnership between Samsung and Oculus has resulted in the amazing VR headset that enables one to immerse in Virtual Reality (VR). If you are looking for a headset with an amazing quality, is user friendly (technically simple to use), lightweight and affordable, then Gear VR is what you need. Gear VR is small and compact, and thanks to the Kubity app, you can access your own models in VR anywhere you go and anytime you want.

Using the Gear VR with Kubity App

It is important to note that Gear VR works with Samsung s6, s6 edge and s7. Kubity fully supports Google Cardboard which is compatible with both iPhone and Android.
  1. First, you will need to download the “Cardboard for Gear VR” app and activate it by clicking on the Cardboard icon beside the Headset, only then will you be able to access VR using the Kubity app for Android.

2. Next, open your SketchUp, Rhino3d or Autodesk Revit model you will like to explore on the Kubity app and then go into VR by clicking on the Cardboard Icon and selecting “Google Cardboard” to access Virtual Reality.

3. Place your Samsung smartphone into the VR headset and snap it in place and put the headset on. There are buttons on the right hand side that will enable you to move from one point to another.

NOTE: This access with Gear VR is a sort of prototype, the official integrated support will be available in summer. However, you currently can use your Gear VR with Kubity right now by following the instructions above.

CONFIGURE YOUR SMARTPHONE: While in Virtual Reality mode click on the settings symbol and click on “Default Viewer” and scan the QR code that specifically enables you to use Gear VR. Below is the link to the QR code

Start exploring your 3D models on Kubity with the Samsung Gear VR here
Download the Kubity Exporter for SketchUp and Autodesk Revit