220. What to do if you regret how your life’s been going

Don’t feed the angry troll living inside you.

Life’s going good… then we meet someone who turns everything upside down.

We’re trucking along nicely, then one seemingly innocent action throws us irrevocably off course.

We’re going to get married, get a promotion make a whole of money, then a higher power decides otherwise.

We have less control over our lives than we think we do but we attribute failure to everything we do have control over. Maybe the split is 80/20.

Regret is a powerful emotion to attach to actions. It makes us doubt ourselves. This lack of self belief paralyzes us and renders us inauthentic to ourselves. It makes us resentful to who we are.

Self hate is the foundation of all unhappiness in the world.

How to reverse all this? Be OK with yourself. I know, easier said than done. But that’s where it starts. When you’re OK with yourself, you’ll eventually love yourself.

You’ll forgive yourself for everything that went wrong. Then the healing can begin.

From time to time the regret will creep back in. Just remember: you are not your thoughts. You are what you believe about yourself.

Disavow what makes you down and embrace what lifts you.


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