58. Who are you right now?

Because that’s who you’ll be in 50 year’s time.

I’m not writing this to judge anyone. I’m writing it to give a wake up call to anyone who is too busy being busy to find out who they are.

Whether we know it or not, our lives are shaped by minute habits. The time we wake up, the things we do first thing in the morning, how we spend our down time, how grateful we are… these are things we don’t think much about. We just do them.

So we can end up doing them for years and years. Then one day we look in the mirror and wonder where we went wrong. Apathy is a powerful force that people take for granted. It doesn’t hit you all at once. It chips away at your everyday, compounding so that by the time it’s decades old, it’s ripping chunks out of you.

Self examination is the simplest yet most effective way to stop apathy. At least once a week, ask yourself “who am I?” If you’re happy with the answer, do what you’re doing. If you’re not, it’s time to cut out the habits that are leading you astray.

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