On Monday, I sneezed out of nowhere.

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I had gone into work feeling fine. Then, right around midday I sneezed out of the blue — twice. What’s worse, I could feel that dreadful itching feeling behind your nose that you only get when you feel a cold coming on.

I felt myself get worse and worse such that by the time 5pm rolled around, I pretty much dragged myself out the door. Charlotte picked me up from the station and I immediately told her that I wasn’t feeling well.

She gave me this look, torn between concern and fear. …

My thoughts on my first three days in a start up.

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So I managed to find work — hooray! I’m a Customer Success Manager at a construction tech start up based in Melbourne. It’s my first experience working in a proper start up.

I’ve always found start ups fascinating, not just for sheer potential for upside if you’re in the right place at the right time, but how the decisions that are made on a daily basis can literally be the life or death of the business.

In a few words, it’s been chaotic, hectic and busy. Nothing I didn’t expect, to be honest. I also don’t mean those in a…

A conversation I had with my wife while driving today.

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Charlotte is an avid blog reader. Her medium of choice is XiaoHongShu, in Mandarin Chinese, “Little Red Book”. It looks a bit like Pinterest and is aimed primarily at a female audience.

There’s been this blogger she’s been following who claims that her family has maintained six generations of relatively decent wealth. When you realise that this stretches back beyond the Cultural Revolution where a lot of wealth that came from “old money” had been obliterated, this makes it even more interesting.

A lot of the culturally beautiful aspects of China in that period had been destroyed. This blogger spoke…

And that’s OK.

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I’ve never been a big planner of my life. If you told me at 20 that I’d be a father of 2 at 30, I would have laughed in your face. This isn’t to say that I take fatherhood lightly, I just didn’t think I’d find the right person so quickly.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally get hung up about why things don’t go my way. Why I didn’t get that raise. Why the thing I’d been planning for for months ended up not working out. Why I’m not wildly successful yet.

But I’ve learnt to let it…

Recognise your limits and let yourself breach them

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We’re always in the process of learning more about ourselves. Some people ignore the little voice urging them to try new things, instead letting themselves be comfortable in what they know. Then there are those who embrace their gut and lean into their discomfort.

What does that feel like exactly? It’s the point when you start questioning yourself, when you consider turning around or quitting altogether. It’s also when you most think about why you’re doing something. Your drive gives you the power to push against the barrier and the limits you have put around yourself.

And when that does happen, you wonder why you were so afraid of it all along.

A short story about my first hackathon

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Over the weekend, I went to my first hackathon. For the uninitiated, a hackathon is an event where people from all backgrounds come together and try to “hack” together a solution to solve a thematic problem. You then pitch your idea to a panel of judges in the industry and they will decide whose pitch is best.

This hackathon was called SexTech. It encouraged us to build solutions to explore problems relating to sexual health. …

The mantra I will adhere to as I ascend.

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Today is the day of love. Beyond my wife and children, it’s made me think about others who I want to look after. Basically, it would be anyone who’s in my care but especially in a professional environment.

Last year, I had a taste of management. I wasn’t strictly a manager per se, but there was a starter brought into our organisation. She was new and needed guidance not only in the product but in our industry as well. …

It’s actually a rather awkward thing to consider.

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One of the things I’m struggling with during this job hunting process is stating the figure for my salary expectation. It’s all well and good to look at industry figures but actually saying the number while keeping a straight face is the hard part.

I guess it means that I’d gotten used to undervaluing myself. It’s something I’m trying to undo. I am getting more comfortable with it just by practicing during interviews, but it makes you think: where do you actually stop? How high can you go? How high should you go? Is it really all in your head…

What you want is not always what you need.

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A few months ago, I quit my job. I wanted to dedicate myself to becoming a UX Designer. I spent December and January trying to upskill all the different aspects of UXD without applying for jobs. I reasoned that it was a quiet time without many opportunities but it was really because I didn’t believe in myself.

Last week, I had the best week ever so far when it came to looking for jobs. I had no fewer than four opportunities appear on my radar. …

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